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5 easy steps vegan liver cleanse

Vegan Liver Cleanse in 5 Easy Steps There are a lot of liver cleanse guides out there but several of them suggest non-vegan practices (such as taking liver tablets or eating beef liver) or doing an enema. Most people want to go through life without ever doing an enema...

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Matcha vs. Green Tea

In recent years, green tea is everywhere and green tea beverages have been a popular choice in cafes.  People from around the world drink green tea and it is considered the king among all the teas. There are even skin care products infused with green tea! Matcha, on...

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How to Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

Are you dieting, but you are not shedding the extra pounds? When you try to lose weight, your body fights back. At first, losing weight may be quite easy. However, after a while, weight loss may stop and progress may not be noticeable. Experts say that the culprit is...

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