Arthritis Symptoms & Natural Remedies

Arthritis is a complicated ailment. Many wonder, with a complicated ailment, its remedy must be just as complicated but it doesn’t have to be. You may be surprised just how natural the process to alleviate joint pain can be. Arthritis is not a single disease — it refers to joint pain or joint disease.

So, to start what does arthritis refer to and what are the symptoms?

Millions of adults and children have arthritis, but it is more common among women. It also comes with age. There are actually 100 types of arthritis, which is the leading cause of disability. Here are three of the most common types of arthritis:

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease, which means that the immune system attacks some parts of the body most especially the joints. This leads to inflammation. If untreated, this can cause major damage to your joint.


– It may come suddenly or gradually. It is often severe compared to osteoarthritis.

– There could be pain and stiffness, and swelling could occur in your wrists, elbows, hands, shoulders, ankles, knees, feet, and neck. It affects multiple joints.

– There are patterns for instance, when your right knuckles are inflamed, the left one may follow suit. After awhile, your joints may feel warm, or become swollen and painful.

– The swelling of the joint may get in the way of daily activities.

– Stiffness may last for hours or the whole day. You may feel tired and lose your appetite.

Osteoarthritis is the wear and tear when your joints are overused. It happens when people are older, but it can also come if a person had joint injuries or is obese. This affects certain areas like feet, spine, knees, and hips. Often, osteoarthritis comes gradually and the pain will hit the affected joint only.


– Stiffness in the morning for less than an hour.

– Pain in walking

– Deep pain

– Difficulty in doing things like combing hair, bending, gripping things, climbing stairs, squatting (depending on which joints are involved in this action.)

– Stiffness after resting.

Psoriatic Arthritis is an inflammation of both  the skin (psoriasis) and joints (arthritis.) It causes raised, red, patchy, and white areas of the inflamed skin with scales. It affects the skin around the anus or genital areas, the scalp, navel, tips of the elbows and knees. There is a ten percent to thirty percent chance that people who have psoriasis will also have psoriatic arthritis.


– Some people can have just one joint affected or sometimes, a few joints.

– It can swell toes and even the fingers. People who have this have fatter or discolored fingernails.

The usual remedy is taking anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers, but some medications have side effects. So, here are natural remedies that may actually help ease the pain:

– Weight loss. This is the best remedy to arthritis, but this definitely is not an easy one. Extra weight will put more pressure to your feet, knees, and hips. Reducing weight would mean less pain. Start eating healthy and exercise more.

– Glucosamine. According to the Mayo Clinic, Glucosamine is a natural compound used in the formation and repair of cartilage. Taking 500 mg of glucosamine three times a day will alleviate arthritis pain.

– Turmeric, ginger, and bromelain are natural treatments that relieve stiffness, swelling, and joint pain. If taken altogether, these three substances each boost the other’s effectiveness.

– Eat foods that help fight inflammation like blueberries, kelp, horseradish, mustard, garlic, onions, parsley, celery, pickles, lemon, and so on.

– MSM is derived from sulfur and may prevent joint and cartilage degeneration. According to Indian researchers, MSM is more effective in relieving pain when combined with glucosamine.

The minute we feel any of these symptoms we need to do something. Joint symptoms may mean a serious type of arthritis that may cause permanent damage if treatment is not given right away. The remedy does not have to be medications. We can always consider natural relief from herbal supplement available in the market that can help reduce joint pain. But make sure, it comes from a reputable source like Joint Renew. White willow bark, Glucosamine, ginger and turmeric root, MSM are all combined in one powerful capsule. Vitamins C, D, and zinc are also added. You can get a 10-day free supply now and experience Joint Renew‘s regenerative properties.

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