Our Story

Revivify was started with one thing in mind: your health. That’s why we’ve traveled the world in search of nature’s purest elements in order to bring our customers the cleanest and most natural vitamins and supplements on the market.

What was once a pursuit of passion by our Founder and CEO, Binh Do, has now turned into a revolutionary new method of sourcing and manufacturing vitamins and supplements. As Revivify has grown, we’ve never forgotten our three key commitments to:

Clean Ingredients



We’re proud to say all our vitamins are gluten-free, sugar free, vegan, GMO free, and untouched by artificial and synthetic dyes, flavors, sweeteners, or fillers. We believe nature got it right the first time, why mess with perfection?

Our Passion

Our customer’s health is our passion. When you buy any of our Revivify products you can be sure that one of our expert nutritionists has ultra-formulated your vitamins and supplements to fully address your health concerns. It may seem impossible, but just one pill is all you’ll need to start seeing results immediately. Our commitment to never add any synthetic fillers to our vitamins means increased absorption to your body, and happy customers for Revivify.

Our Promise

We believe in transparency and consistency. That’s why we work so hard to ensure all our vitamins and supplements meet the same standards of nutrition and sustainability. We’re proud to share our certifications with everyone, in addition to all our testing data and results.