Best Vegan Vitamins

If you enjoy a healthy vegan lifestyle, then you already understand the importance of vitamins. But did you know that many so-called "vegan" vitamins aren't sourced from plants? Because the vitamin industry goes largely unregulated, impure ingredients are routinely added to popular vegan vitamins. You may be surprised to learn that these ingredients are often synthetic or sourced from animals.

At Revivify, we are dedicated to the creation of the 100% clean vegan vitamins. Our products are made the way nature intended - all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, and devoid of synthetic fillers so commonly found in other brands of vitamins.

If you're looking for the best vegan vitamins that compliment your chosen lifestyle, then take advantage of our 10-day free supplement sample offer. You work hard to maintain optimal health, so don't make sacrifices when it comes to your vitamins.

The best vegan vitamins from Revivify

  • Plant-based vitamins are the only supplements that work in unison with the vegan lifestyle
  • Many vitamin supplements claim to be “vegan,” but are not sourced from plants
  • Synthetic fillers often comprise up to 95% of some company’s vitamin composition
  • Less than .05% of supplement companies use clean, plant-based fillers in their vitamins
  • Live clean &healthy with the best vegan vitamins available today from Revivify

Living the vegan lifestyle requires hard work and dedication. It's frustrating when you discover that your personal standards aren't shared by companies selling products that claim to be vegan. At Revivify, we avoid the pitfalls of compromise by creating the best vegan vitamins on the market today. We value your lifestyle and are eager for you to try our 100% clean vitamins and supplements, so order your free 10-day trial today.

Vitamins advertised as "Vegan" aren't always plant-based

The word "vegan" is often misunderstood. The word was coined by The Vegan Society, and is defined as a diet that excludes any animal-based foods or animal proteins. This exclusionary phraseology is all about what you can't eat when living the lifestyle of a vegan, which creates a lot of latitude for vitamin manufacturers who choose to use highly processed or synthetic ingredients in their supplements.

For a true vegan, this often presents a problem. Your personal dietary choices aren't always about what you can't eat. Oftentimes, you make food choices based on other criteria. As a vegan, you likely embrace a lifestyle that abhors animal exploitation. This means you work hard to avoid purchasing products that have been tested on animals or that used them in the product's creation. Shouldn't this same level of perseverance also apply to the vegan vitamins you purchase?

Embracing plant-based foods and supplements is yet another way to support your vegan lifestyle. Very few so-called vegan vitamin companies actually sell plant-based vitamins. At Revivify, you never have to wonder whether any of our vegan supplements are made with animal by-products or have been tested on animals. We honor your lifestyle, so you can live life to the fullest.

Other attributes of Revivify's best vegan vitamins

Our expert nutritionists formulated vegan vitamins that are all-natural, and free from the synthetic fillers often found in most supplements. This is important, because plant-based fillers are shown to increase absorption by your body, leading to faster results that you can feel. What follows is a brief rundown of the many positive attributes found in our vegan vitamin supplements.

Gluten free - Living with a gluten allergy is difficult enough without having to worry about whether your vitamin supplement is clean. All of our vegan vitamin supplements are gluten-free, which means they contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten. All of our vitamins are tested and approved, and we continually review all of our ingredients and inspect plants to maintain integrity.

Plant based - We source all of our active ingredients and binding fillers from plants. You never have to wonder whether our vegan vitamins include any animal or animal by-products like bones, flesh, eggs, dairy, fur, or honey. Additionally, none of our vegan supplements have been tested on animals.

Non-GMO - Only the best vegan vitamins are non-GMO, which means that none of the ingredients have been genetically modified. GMOs are genetically modified organisms, created in a laboratory using genetic engineering techniques. GMOs pose significant environmental and health risks, so we keep them out of our vitamins so that you can keep them out of your body.

Sugar free - While wholesome sugars are found in most vegetables, plants, and fruits, you will not find any added sugars or artificial sweeteners in our vegan vitamins.

All natural - This phrase is used loosely in the food and vitamin supplement industries, but the definition is simple. All natural means that no artificial ingredients or preservatives can be found in the product, and the ingredients were minimally processed. At Revivify, we take this definition a step further, because none of our vegan vitamins contain artificial sweeteners, synthetic fillers, or processed ingredients of any kinds.

Proudly Made in the USA - All of our vegan vitamins and supplements are 100% Made in the USA. We are proud of this distinction, and you can have full confidence in knowing with 100% certainty exactly what ingredients went into their creation.

What are fillers, and why are they important for the best vegan vitamins?

When manufacturing vitamins, fillers are used to bind the active ingredients into a smoother product. However, there are a variety of other reasons why a vitamin manufacturer may choose to use fillers. These include quicker production, making them more appealing visually, or adding coatings to make the vitamin easier to swallow.

The question you need to ask is, "How do these fillers affect my health and impact my body?"

Best Vegan Vitamins

Many fillers used in vitamins can be harmful, and some are potentially dangerous. Synthetic fillers are often used in vitamin supplements because they are inexpensive, but do you want to put something in your body that was added to a vitamin supplement merely because it was cheap?

Some vitamin manufacturers use as many 10 different fillers in one supplement, but the best vegan vitamins use as few and as little fillers as possible. Let's review a few of the more common, potentially dangerous, fillers found in many well-known vitamin brands.

Hydrogenated Oils are often added to vitamins, and it's safe to say that they are strictly avoided by most dedicated vegans. You will find hydrogenated oils in many highly processed foods found at your local grocery chain. These oils (including partially hydrogenated soybean oil) are found in the vast majority of vitamin supplements on the market today, and can cause all kinds of serious health problems. If you don't want hydrogenated oils in the food you eat, do you want them in your vitamins and supplements?

Magnesium Stearate - This substance is used as a lubricant in the manufacturing of vitamins to prevent them from sticking to machinery or each other. Some studies indicate that magnesium stearate can compromise the immune system, and block the absorption of the vitamin's active ingredients. The best vegan vitamins avoid this pitfall by using only plant-sourced ingredients, which is something we take very seriously at Revivify.

Titanium Dioxide - This substance is often used in vitamins as a pigment, and can be found in other products like cosmetics. Research indicates that exposure to this substance can cause immune system issues. While the evidence isn't definitive, you have to wonder why any vegan dedicated to a healthy lifestyle would even consider taking vitamins with titanium dioxide.

Artificial Coloring - Some vitamin manufacturers are more concerned with how their supplements look than how they affect your body. Artificial colors have been linked to numerous health problems, including cancer. This seems like a hefty price to pay simply to make a vitamin more appealing to the eye in order to boost sales.

Beware vitamins calling themselves "vegan" that aren't really plant basedy

Nobody is surprised to learn that information you read on the internet isn't true, but many people are surprised when they discover that many vitamin manufacturers claiming to be vegan offer misinformation regarding ingredient sourcing. Some "vegan" supplement manufacturers claim that certain vitamins cannot be sourced from plants, and will encourage their customers to use supplements that compromise their beliefs and lifestyle.

The best vegan vitamins developed by Revivify are entirely plant-based, so you never have to worry whether your values are being compromised. We urge you to take the time to research every vitamin and supplement you take, so that you can be confident in its quality and makeup.

For the best vegan vitamins, size matters

Vegans who use our supplements often ask how we can have so many active ingredients in one capsule when it's so much smaller than vitamins sold by other brands. The reason for this is because we only use 5% all-natural filler in our vitamins, which is used solely as a binding agent. Not only does this mean that our vitamins are smaller and easier to swallow, it also allows us to use more active ingredients in their creation.

Compare our use of 5% filler to the 95% fillers used in popular Costco vitamins, and you can immediately discern why size matters in the supplement industry. Why try to force down a "horse pill" filled with ingredients that could compromise your healthy lifestyle when you can choose Revivify and get exactly what you need in an easy-to-swallow package?

What is Ultra-Formulation?

Ultra-formulation is the focus of Revivify’s vegan vitamins and supplements, but what exactly does this mean? By using only minimum fillers to bind a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts into every product we create, we address all of your health concerns in one, single, easy-to-swallow pill.

You lead a healthy lifestyle, so you’ve likely taken vitamins and supplements throughout your life. The biggest hassle (and expense) is being forced to buy multiple products to treat one health concern or issue. This is necessary because most vitamin manufacturers only include one or two active ingredients in their supplements.

Our vegan vitamin’s ultra-formulation addresses this concern by packing each product with a host of natural ingredients that work symbiotically to optimize your health while acknowledging your budget. You can take one vitamin a day and enjoy all of the health benefits you need to fully benefit from your vegan lifestyle.

We offer a free ten-day supply of the best all-natural vegan vitamins being made today, so that you can experience the difference in our products for yourself. When we deal with health issues or chronic pain we often turn to over-the-counter or prescription medications. After a time, these products lose their effect, so we take more in an attempt to maintain our active lifestyle.

This process can lead to other health complications, which is why it makes sense to seek out all-natural alternatives to medicines and supplements that can reduce pain and keep us healthy without the side effects so commonly found in many medications.

Living the vegan lifestyle takes a great deal of sacrifice, dedication, and willpower. It is almost impossible to find vitamins and supplements that can say they're vegan, plant-based, non-GMO, and sugar and gluten free. Fortunately, Revivify's line of all-natural vitamins and supplements pack all of these attributes into all of their vegan products.

In other words, our vitamins and supplements support your chosen lifestyle in every way. Don't just take "vegan" vitamins - take the best vegan vitamins on the market today, and enjoy the many benefits of good health, longevity, and wellness.

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