Cold Weather and Creaky Joints

During the wintertime, joint and knee pain can worsen. It can really get painful and can hamper our planned activities. Whether you plan to go sledding with the kids, or just simply enjoy the outdoors, the winter season can get uncomfortable and unbearable for most of us. them. Doctors have more patients complaining about aches and pain this cold season.

For arthritis joint pain, there are vegan supplements that can help alleviate the painful discomfort. Regular exercise will also help strengthen muscles and keep joints flexible. Even though, it difficult to find alternatives that are vegan, but  for some people, supplements provide an extra relief that prescription drugs cannot.

So, how can you cope with joint pain during winter? Whether your aches are sparked by the weather or something else, these tips can help you feel better.

  • Do a low-impact exercise. What are the examples of these exercise? Swimming and aerobics are popular examples of a low-impact exercises . It is recommended for people who cannot  do high-impact exercises because it will reduce joint stiffness without causing further risks to existing joint problems. As you age, it is ideal to refrain  from doing a lot of high-impact exercises like jumping jacks, squat jumps, plyojacks, and so on. Even though it’s very tempting to just stay in bed when the weather is cold, the truth is that the absence of physical activity can lead to joint pain.Low-impact exercise is parallel to the words gentle, easy or light. Never underestimate the power of low-impact exercises because it can still  help you burn calories and lose those extra pounds. So, add more low-impact moves to your exercise routine.


  • Another way to avoid having joint pain during winter is to eat healthy. Your joints are more vulnerable at this time so it is advisable to consume a lot of foods that are low in saturated fat. Fill your body with high-fiber foods like the essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin K (kale, spinach) and C (orange, tomato). You might think that you can only get omega-3 fatty acids by eating fish. No, flax seeds are filled with it. Lastly, it also necessary to hydrate yourself by constantly drinking water.


Whether you are vegan or not, you might want to try these plant-based home remedies for those aching joints.

    • Ginger decreases arthritis joint pain and inflammation because it has the ability to regulate various inflammatory pathways. For hundreds of years, it has been used in Chinese, Japanese, and Indian medicine.
    • Turmeric is used in both Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine to reduce arthritis joint pain. It has the same effect of an 800 milligrams of ibuprofen when relieving arthritis symptoms.


At times, it is tough to find a plant-based remedy for joint pain when the market is with many products that are derived from animals.  Not only they are disgusting and gross, they are not helping the environment. Instead, look for these natural ingredients when you opt to take vegan joint supplements.

  • White willow bark is used to reduce inflammation because it contains salicin and flavonoids. The pain-relieving effects of white willow bark last longer than aspirin.
  • MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is found naturally in the body and it contains sulfur, which aids in cell creation and repair. The body forms connective tissues, and MSM helps in the formation of collagen.



During wintertime, it is important to do so all the shopping with the right clothing. Wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes. By avoiding injuries, you also avoid joint pains. On top of the ways to avoid joint pain is to take vegan supplements like Revivify’s Joint Renew. It is filled with the necessary vitamins and is made from all natural ingredients like those mentioned above. Joint Renew can reduce existing joint pain, controls inflammations, lubricates your joints, and most importantly, protect your cartilage. There’s absolutely no need to worry about  joint pain during cold winter nights because you can get a  FREE 10-day supply of Joint Renew  right now.

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