Countdown to Cleanse

Everyone loves winter holidays. Celebrating with family and friends means making great memories and not to mention the great food. Lots of food. By the start of 2018, you are exhausted, out of energy and probably gain some weight from the parties you attended.

Fortunately, you can get rid of the toxins, lose the bloat, and shed the extra pounds you have gained. Don’t feel guilty from overindulging during the holidays. We are all guilty from eating and drinking too much. But when the party is over, start the New Year right by cleansing your liver of noxious toxins from the food and booze. Cleaning your body by detoxing will help your live feel rejuvenated. A great detox treatment helps your body – particularly, the liver – to function effectively and gradually revert to its healthy state.

If your body doesn’t get rid of the toxins during holidays, these harmful chemicals can cause disequilibrium to your liver that could result in serious illnesses. If you constantly feel tired and bloated, follow these tips on how to detox and cleanse your liver:

Tips for a Natural Liver Detox

Start eating healthy and refrain from eating too much processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. These edibles could burden your liver and amplify poisonous toxins that can induce fatigue, severe headaches, acne, frequent constipation, and foul-smelling breath.

  1. Resist the Temptation of Leftover Party Food and Get Started.

Instead of feasting on leftover party food, include these hearty nourishments in your post-holiday diet:

Beets. This root crop contains two nutrients ─beta-carotene and plant-flavonoid─ that promotes a healthy liver. It is also rich in iron.

Turmeric. It consists of important nutrients that amend a faulty liver by cleaning your body of harmful carcinogens. Add this spice when making chicken soup or beef stew. Turmeric will produce a homey and nutty flavor.

Green tea. This detoxifying drink is filled with catechins, which is a powerful antioxidant that improves liver function and expels bad toxins from your body.

  1. The Body can Naturally heal Itself. However, You Need Enough Sleep.

Aside from eating healthy, sleep is necessary when you are cleansing your body of harmful chemicals. Getting eight hours of sleep will make a huge impact to your overall health. Skip the coffee; drink tea instead. As mentioned above, green tea contains antioxidants that will help your liver function well. Lemon water or fresh ginger tea re great ways to hydrate your body.

  1. Sweating Aids the Cleansing Process.

Exercise is vital when you are detoxing. You don’t have to do strenuous exercises. Take a walk to the park or walk to work. When you are constantly moving, you increase the oxygen in your body and flush-out the toxic chemicals by sweating, and stimulate your digestive system.

  1. Use an All Natural Liver Cleanse, Milk Thistle Detox System

Okay we got it. Changing your lifestyle in the midst of playing catching up with work and daily family routine is challenging. Take the easier (but not less effective route). Detox your liver and body by using Revivify’s Liver Cleanse 1 and 2. This liver cleanse system was carefully formulated with turmeric, green tea, and milk thistle to promote the long-term welfare that your liver needs, while recharging and revitalizing for a great start of the year.

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