Holiday Smash - Liver Crash

It’s the holiday season again so it means it’s the time to overindulge with all the great food. After weeks of holiday parties, and weeks of overeating our favorite foods, it is a terrific idea to have a liver detox. Whether we admit it or not, sometimes, we overdo the food, the fun, and the celebration.

Particularly evident during the holidays, the liver deals with a tremendous amount of stress. Failing to keep the liver happy can restrain your scheduled activities. By thoughtfully keeping your liver strong and  relaxed, liver problems won’t ruin the season of joy. This holiday season give your liver a break and detoxify naturally using these tips:

  1. Say hello to lemon water.
    Keep your liver clean with fresh water as it contains natural minerals. When possible, use a water filter to remove the harmful particles like carbon and chlorine. The easiest way to cleanse is to add a squeeze of lemon to your water to make it more alkalizing. Lemon, like all citrus fruits, enhances the body’s cleansing process and sweeps out toxins. Lemons can also be used as an astringent, a tonic, lotion and diuretic. It is also a natural antioxidant as it contains half of the recommended daily value of vitamin C. Help your liver flush out waste by drinking as many lemon water as you can. Forget the coffee and start choosing the healthy and refreshing lemon water.
  2. Sip some tea.
    Have a simple breakfast and sooth your tummy with some herbal tea. There are certain herbs that have natural digestive enzymes and  promote a healthy digestion system. In fact, in some parts of the world, herbal teas are taken daily as part of certain healing traditions. Choose herbs that help detoxify the body like dandelion, peppermint and chrysanthemum. You can also drink chamomile or ginger tea as they help you get the most nutrients of your food. Sip warm cup of tea to help your digestive system run smoothly. You can make your own teas or purchase one at your local grocery.
  1. Take a walk.
    Escape from your busy holiday routine and go for 30-minute walk. If you have more free time, find another way to exercise like go for a serene hike. Generally, walking is the perfect exercise in cleansing and improving your digestion because you help the food move smoothly on the digestive tract. Too little exercise can hinder the body’s natural detoxification abilities. Exercise, like any physical activity, helps eradicate toxins efficiently. So, go out there and breathe the fresh air.
  2. Take a warm bath.
    It’s time to relax your party-hopping body and have a revitalizing bath. Draw out toxins by adding cinnamon, peppermint, epsom salt, eucalyptus to your bathwater. Put a teaspoon of each and soak for 20 minutes in a revitalizing herbal bath. This is a excellent way to decompress and recharge yourself for the upcoming holiday breaks.

There’s nothing wrong in having fun and enjoying the holidays, but if you ate foods high in fat and sugar, and drank alcohol, it could damage and over-burden your liver. Below are some symptoms that your liver is stressed and fatigued:

  1. When you constantly feel bloated and nauseous
  2. When you feel a discomfort below your rib cage
  3. When you are always thirsty and urinate frequently
  4. When you experience headaches, spasms, and dizziness


Just because it’s a holiday, you would think various drinking wines and spirits is okay. Instead, choose drinks that will make your liver happy like orange juice, herbal tea, and lemon water. Revivify’s Liver Clean is developed for the overall well-being of your liver. It is time to detox and cleanse using natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs like Milk Thistle. This herb helps in removing toxins and aids in the regeneration of healthy liver cells. Your liver needs a holiday too and Revivify’s Liver Clean will help you cleanse your liver from all the holiday extravagance!

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