How to Take Care of your Liver Today

Many people don’t realize that our bodies have a built-in processing plant that gives us nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fats from your food. We call this process metabolism which helps our body’s metabolic balance. Our liver gets rid of all the toxins and microbes our body does not need. Blood would not clot without it. The fact is, our liver plays an important role in our lives and awareness of how to take care of it often goes unrecognized.

Here are some tips for easy, natural ways to help your liver health.

Eat healthy and exercise regularly. This helps the liver work well. An unhealthy eating lifestyle may lead to liver disease. Eat foods that have a lot of fiber like veggies, fresh fruits, rice and cereals, and whole grain breads. Eat all the food groups like dairy, veggies, fats, fruits, protein, and grains. This will keep your weight under control and will prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which is a condition that leads to cirrhosis.

Be careful in taking your medicines. Too much of it, the wrong type or mixing can damage your liver. Some cholesterol drugs can have a side effect. Too much of the painkiller acetaminophen can hurt your liver. It is found in many drugs like pain and cold medicines. Here are the things you have to watch out for:

– When seeing your doctor, it is good to tell your doctor the other medicines you are taking to know if it can go well with whatever he will prescribe you.

– Follow your dosage.

– Learn the medicines you are taking and how it can affect your liver.

– Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Alcohol can damage or destroy liver cells.

Alcohol can damage or even destroy your liver cells. But how much is too much? According to the U.S. government guidelines, men should consume no more than two drinks a day while woman should take in only one drink a day. Fumes of chemicals like paints, car fumes, insect sprays, and other aerosol sprays may damage the liver.
But when do you need to cleanse/detox your liver? Here are some signs that it is about time to do it:

– Acid reflux or heartburn

– Abdominal bloating

– Too much abdominal fat

– Pain or discomfort in the right upper abdominal area right under the rib cage.

– Too much perspiration and overheating of the body.

– Unexplained weight gain and difficulty in losing weight.

– Liver spots or dark spots on your skin

– If you’ve had to get your gallbladder removed

There are other signs like high blood pressure, mood swings, depression, snoring, fatigue, high cholesterol and triglycerides, fatty yellowish mass around your eyes. These are signs for you to know you need to detox and change your lifestyle.

Part of caring for our liver is to take a high potency multiple vitamin and mineral supplement. Consider taking Revivify’s Liver Clean because of its natural minerals, vitamins, herbs like Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, and amino acids. It is an easy-to use, two-part cleansing and detoxification program formulated to and assist with the body’s natural detoxification.

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