Liver Love Song: Pros and Cons of the Liver Cleanse

Detoxification and cleanses are popping up everywhere and you may well wonder if they’re really that beneficial or if they are just a passing fad. As with everything in health, it depends on your goals but giving your liver a little love, whether it’s through liver-aiding supplements or just a healthy diet, will help you to feel better overall.

There are plenty of liver cleanses and detoxes out there that include restrictive diets or fasting, and drinking specific juice concoctions or taking laxatives. These types of liver cleanses have their risks, including adding toxicity to your body by breaking down muscle, dehydration, depleting electrolytes and much more. Make sure you do your research, and as with any diet or exercise change, you should always talk with your healthcare provider before taking on a new diet or regimen.

Beyond fasting, diet restriction, juices, etc., there’s also the option of using of herbal supplements to help your liver detox naturally. We offer a few cleanse and detox products, including the Liver Detox – Liver Cleanse. Liver Clean is an easy-to-use, two-part cleansing and detoxification program formulated to support, protect and assist the body’s natural detoxification with natural minerals, vitamins, herbs and amino acids. Liver Clean builds a foundation for optimal healthy and allows your body to process external toxins while promoting holistic wellness. With ingredients like Milk Thistle, Phosphatidylcholine and Dandelion, Liver Cleanse supports liver health and promotes the healthy function of the liver, kidneys, spleen and gallbladder. With improved liver healthy, you can expect increased energy and improved vitality.

Feeling better doesn’t have to require a lot of extreme measures. Ingredients from nature and a healthy perspective on your diet can lead to genuine, holistic health and well being. Read our liver loving ingredients right here.

Plus, if you’re trying to detox your liver, it doesn’t make sense to introduce new toxins via a health supplement. That’s why we only use natural, non-GMO ingredients free of artificial dyes, coloring and chemicals. Cleanse the natural way with all-natural detox and cleanse supplements – shop our collection now.

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