Is MSM Great at Getting Rid of Joint Pains?

Aside from glucosamine, another treatment for joint pain is MSM, which is short for methylsulfonylmethane. What is so special with MSM in the first place? MSM is an organic sulfur compound and sulfur is a main component in constructing connective tissues. MSM also serves as a powerful analgesic by lowering nerve impulses that disseminate pain.

Whether you choose to take the tablet, liquid, or capsule form, this organic sulfur compound is also found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and grains. In 2006, a pilot study was conducted to fifty men and woman with osteoarthritis and after taking 6,000 milligrams, they showed significant improvement with no major side effects.

In a notable experiment published on January 31, 2013, a group of Japanese scientists experimented on mice with premature knee arthritis. The mice were given MSM dosages comparable with a majority of MSM supplements for people. The first group of mice received 10 times as much MSM, and the other group received none.

After one month, the group dosed with MSM had developed less cartilage degeneration in their knees than the controlled group. Dr. Michael Parks, an orthopedic surgeon who regularly medicates patients stricken with arthritis, offered patients a choice between glucosamine or MSM supplements. Both supplements are generally safe and produced positive results, giving patients relief.

According to Andrew Weil, M.D., there is no concrete evidence that MSM can be hazardous to your health. He added that he has not seen any recent study that proves that MSM can harm the liver. He concluded that are many effective treatments for arthritis that are worth trying and recommended using glucosamine sulfate.

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