A Natural Liver Detox

It seems silly to many, to try and detox the very organ that detoxes, but think about it — things like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and muscle cramps often point to overworked muscles, ligaments or joints. Anything worked overtime will struggle to maintain it’s basic function. The liver is no different. Every day, we encounter toxins, whether it’s from processed food or pollutants in the air. No matter how healthy you try to be, it’s nearly impossible to remove every toxin from your life.

And, your liver interacts with every toxin you come into contact with. So no matter what, your liver is working to remove a variety of toxins from your daily life. And if you’re having the following symptoms, you may be in need of a liver detox. Read on.

– Chronic fatigue

– Moodiness, anxiousness, or depression

– Inability to lose weight

– High blood pressure

– Constipation

– Bloating and gas

– Acid reflux and heartburn

– Bruise easily

If you’re experiencing one or a few of these symptoms, your liver may not be performing as well as it could, and considering a liver cleanse or detox may help with these symptoms.

Here’s a great post covering ways to approach a liver cleanse and break down of the symptoms.

There are plenty of natural ways to detox your liver – try introducing a few of these ingredients into your diet for a healthier liver.

– Dark leafy greens and vegetables

– Turmeric (at least once a day!)

– Garlic and onions

– Healthy fats such as avocados, nuts/seeds and omega-3s

– Drinking milk thistle tea (check out our recent post on milk thistle here)

So if you’re not feeling your best, a liver detox can go a long way. And the last thing you want to do to an overworked liver is adding more stress! So make sure to change your diet to a healthier one, without synthetic fillers or additional sweeteners. Supplements are a great way to introduce some vital ingredients to help your liver but many supplements contain synthetic fillers or additives. Revivify’s all natural, 100 percent vegan, plant based supplements contain no synthetic fillers or additives so no matter what product you try, you can rest assured that your liver isn’t having to work overtime.

Detox today for a healthier you with Revivify’s all natural cleanse and detox products.

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