Natural Sleep Aids: Sleep, Sun and Melatonin

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning in your sleep. And when it becomes habit, you have a serious problem. Anyone who’s gone a night or two without sleep knows how important sleep is for daily function and good health throughout the day. And science backs this up as well –  it is well known that sleep is the time when your body physically and mentally is restored.  And in adolescence and childhood, sleep also helps with growth and development. What’s more, lack of sleep has been attributed to accidents and, over time, lack of sleep can lead to chronic health issues. Lack of sleep causes difficulties with thinking, reacting, working, learning and just your general mood.

On the flip side, quality sleep can help:

  1. Improve your memory.
  2. Curb inflammation – a 2010 study found heart attack risk is higher in people who get less than six hours of sleep a night!
  3. Give you a sharper attention – studies have indicated that kids with less than seven to eight hours of sleep are more likely to be hyperactive, inattentive and impulsive.
  4. Improve weight loss – if you’re looking to lose weight, studies show that dieters that are sleep deprived lose more muscle mass and tend to feel more hungry.
  5. Lower stress – sleep can effect cholesterol levels which can lead to heart disease.
  6. Fend off depression and anxiety.

Sleep Your Heart Out

Sleep is vital for overall health. However, more recent studies have shown the importance of sleep to one of the vital organs, the heart. With quality sleep, your body regulates hormone and insulin levels as well as keeps your blood pressure under control. When bad sleep creeps in, your body looses its internal balance.

A 2011 study found that workers sleeping less than six hours a night had a five-fold increased heart attack risk over a 14-year span compared to workers that clocked at least seven hours of sleep.

What’s more, sleep problems have been show to contribute to weight gain, which in turn negatively affects your heart. This happens because sleep deprivation effects blood-sugar regulation which makes it harder to metabolize blood sugar. Also, short sleep also increases levels of hormones that make us hungry.

There is a lot of old-age tips out there about improving your sleep habits, such as taking a bath, drinking a glass of milk or turning off your phone or TV at least an hour before bed (which are all great tips) but if you have an ongoing sleep problem, many will need more help – such as therapy or medications. But before making drastic moves, consider supplements that may give you that extra nudge to sleep. Our natural sleep aids are 100 percent natural, plant-based, GMO free, sugar free and vegan. The key ingredient in our Sleep Renew is melatonin.

Sleep, Sun and Melatonin

Because the summer months can sometimes be challenging for sleep because of the increase in daylight and thus, dropping the natural production of melatonin that your body already creates, taking supplements with melatonin may help with summertime insomnia.

Melatonin is actually a natural hormone made by the pineal gland. The pineal gland is located in the brain, and is inactive during the day and becomes active at night when the sun goes down. When the pineal gland is activated it produces melatonin, which is released into your blood stream. The sleep foundation describes how melatonin and sleep work is a great article here.

I was quite skeptical of taking sleep aid, but the friendly guy at the kiosk re assured me with their all natural ingredient claim, he even told me if I didn’t like it I could bring it back for a full refund. It worked like magic. Been using it for about 3 weeks now and it works just as good as it did on the first day.

Max M.

Revivify Customer: Sleep Renew

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