The Best Prenatal Vitamins for You and Your Baby

Prenatal vitamins should be taken by women who are hoping to conceive; not only will they make you more fertile, but they will help you a lot if you do conceive.  Yes, eating a healthy is the best way to get the necessary vitamins and minerals for you and your baby, but it is still possible to lack key vitamins and minerals.

Nowadays, a growing number of women are preferring the vegan option in their prenatal vitamins. They choose the healthier supplements over the standard over-the-counter ones.

Generally,  the prenatal vitamins that are widely available  use animal gelatin, which makes it very unsafe. These synthetic vitamins can also cause digestive problems. For example, a long term intake of synthetic calcium is linked to kidney stones, stroke and earlier death in women. Synthetic vitamin E can cause certain problems like congenital heart disease in babies born to women taking large doses of vitamin E.

However, there are a few natural, vegan vitamins available in the market like Revivify’s Multi Revive. These capsules are certified organic and GMO free. What a lot of people like about it is that there are no artificial dyes and chemicals, no synthetic fillers, and are made from all plant based ingredients. Plant based prenatal vitamins are tame and gentler on the stomach.

Any good prenatal vitamins should contain these important vitamins:

Folic Acid. This is important in reducing the risk of neural tube birth defects (NTDs), spina bifida and anencephaly. It is recommended to take 400 mcg per day and if you personally have a history of NTDs, your folic acid dosage is higher.

Iron. Iron is absolutely important for pregnant women! If you are pregnant, 27mg of iron should be taken daily. There is big difference because you only need 18mg if you are not pregnant.

Calcium.  Unlike iron, there is no significant difference between a pregnant woman’s calcium recommendation and a non-pregnant woman. A lack of calcium during pregnancy can lead to bone density loss. Your body will get calcium from your own bones to make sure your baby is getting enough.

Getting everything we need from food alone can sometimes be unattainable. Which is why natural prenatal vitamins and supplements  are necessary for you and your baby. Multi Revive contains a great range of nutrients. It is strong in vitamin D and K, which are important in order for your body to absorb calcium. It has a lot of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B9, B12) . Additionally, it reached the RDA in zinc, iron, iodide, and folic acid.  Ultimately, it is important to fill your body with a variety of nutrients through natural vitamins.

“I am considering having a baby this year so I started taking Revivify prenatal. It had been only a couple months and I had noticed my hair, eyelashes and nails are growing quicker and longer. You can really feel the product working! ˮ
Ashley S.
Revivify Customer: Prenatal Vitamin

On a Mission to Clean Up the Vitamin Industry

At Revivify, we traveled the world to find the cleanest, unmodified ingredients and developed a truly natural line of vitamins and supplements. Revivify is the only supplement in the market that brings all of these benefits in one: GMO free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan and all natural with zero synthetic fillers or additives. We stand on the promise that vitamins should be pure and have proven that nature’s purest elements are the path to great health.

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