Using Natural Forces for a Liver Cleanse

The liver is an amazing organ. It’s the largest internal organ, supports the digestive system, controls blood sugar, regulates fat storage, stores and manages energy and produces more proteins than any other organ in the body.

As the largest and arguably, the hardest working organ in your body, keeping the liver running in tip top shape is essential to a healthy life.

Because the liver has the task of breaking down everything that you eat and drink, your diet plays a significant role in whether you have a happy liver or liver that is overworked. There are plenty of delicious ingredients that can help with maintaining a health liver and for liver cleansing, such as artichokes, green tea, turmeric and dandelion.


Dandelion may seem like a bit of a tricky one to incorporate since most consider it a common garden weed, however herbalists have been using this incredible herb for years. Dandelion is full of vitamins A, B, C and D as well as iron, potassium and zinc. The leaves can be used in salads, sandwiches, steeped in tea and even atop pizzas. The roots (powdered and roasted) have also been used as a coffee substitute and the flowers have been used to make wine. Both the root and leaves of dandelion have been used to treat liver problems. The leaves can steamed like spinach. Read more about Dandelion characteristics and where it is commonly grown here.

What’s more, traditional herbalist prize the root for its ability to support the functioning of a healthy liver, kidneys, spleen and gallbladder. Medicinal use of dandelion dates back to 659 BCE and its use has been wide-spread for centuries.


Another great ingredient for your liver is the artichoke (if you read our post last week about milk thistle, you’ll know why artichoke, a member of the milk thistle family, is so great for cleansing). Artichoke contains cynarin, which is a phenolic acid compound that promotes two vital functions for a healthy liver – the discharge ofbile from the system and the stimuli for bile production in the liver. There are several studies showing the benefits of artichoke for the liver – from helping decrease fat and cholesterol levels in the liver to protecting the liver from damage.


Turmeric, the bright yellow powder commonly associated with Indian curries, is believed to protect the liver by improving bile flow. Improving bile flow makes this ingredient a liver cleanser and rejuvenates liver cells. Turmeric is attributed to helping cirrhosis, a progressive inflammatory issue. Cirrhosis is brought about by scared, inflamed and blocked bile ducts. Because turmeric is believed to improve bile flow, and is also an anti-inflammatory, it is believed to help protect the liver from cirrhosis. Learn more about the studies behind turmeric and it’s powerful active ingredient curcumin here.

Green tea

Green tea is a great ingredient for many reasons – it’s an antioxidant, anti-carchinogen,and anti-inflammatory. Green tea is rich in catechins, a type of plant antioxidant that boosts liver function and helps reduce fat storage in the liver. Because green tea can help decrease the fat around the liver, it will make the liver work more efficiently to detox the body.

A word about fatty liver disease.

Excessive fat in the liver is an increasingly common ailmentin the US. Both green tea and Alpha lipoic acid (we’ll get to that in a moment), are powerful antioxidants that neutralize cell-damaging free radicals – including the highly valuable liver cells.

On that note, a little about Alpha-lipoic acid

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is another antioxidant that is made by the body. ALA is anantioxidant that is both fat- and water-soluble it can work throughout your body. Because of this, ALA helps reduce fat in the liver. ALA binds with free radicals in the liver and gives free radical protection to both interior and exterior cellary structures. What’s more, ALA helps other antioxidants regenerate – so the more antioxidants the better.

The Miracle Molecule – Another Aid for Liver Function

Now, for a little science. Phosphatidylcholine. It’s a big word. It sounds pretty weird and foreign BUT it’s actually an integral component of every cell in the human body. So not as unfamiliar as it may seem. It’s consumed regularly consumed in diet and proven to play a vital role in maintaining cell structure, fat metabolism, liver health and much more. Phosphatidylcholine is found in eggs, soybeans, mustard, sunflower and other foods. It is often referred to as the “miracle molecule” and is in high concentrations when we are born, particularly in our brain. Unfortunately, this molecule declines as we age – by taking it in addition to what we get in our diet, phosphatidycoline can help stop or reverse age-related problems. Phosphatidycoline works to help the liver by reducing liver fibrosis and protect cells from damage. Learn more about it here.

Lastly, with the right supplement, you can ensure that you’re not only getting the nutrients you need to support healthy liver function, but also introducing only the purest ingredients that will not overwork your liver. Revivify’s all natural, 100 percent vegan, plant based supplements contain no synthetic fillers or additives so no matter what product you try, you can rest assured that your liver isn’t having to work overtime.

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