Vegan Glucosamine for Joint Pain Relief

Many people suffer from joint pain. And just as many wonder if joint pains can really be helped. It’s often associated with aging, so it seems to be a fact of life. But if joint pain is making you miss out on life, you can take steps to ease and prevent further joint pain. While it may seem impossible to rebuild cartilage, it is possible to help stop cartilage from deteriorating.

A major component of this process is Glucosamine, which is often sourced from either shells of shellfish or from vegetable sources. At Revivify, all our products are vegan and the glucosamine in our Joint Renew comes from algae. What Glucosamine does to help joints is help joints retain water and lubricate the area around the joint. This can help prevent cartilage from breaking down. It’s also been shown to relieve osteoarthritis pain and improve joint mobility. While trial results are a bit mixed, it does appear to reduce pain and improve function in osteoarthritis.  Read more about glucosamine for arthritis here.

Some things to consider before taking glucosamine are side affects, especially if you take higher doses. Side effects include:

– Upset stomach

– Heartburn

– Drowsiness

– Headache

And a big one is if you have a shellfish allergy. If you do, make sure you take a vegan supplement like our own Joint Renew, which is 100 percent plant-based.

While joint pain may be a part of life, it doesn’t have to be painful and there are steps you can take to mitigate joint pain down the road. Consider a healthy supplement with all natural ingredients, such as Joint Renew — a pure, all natural supplement that is 100 percent plant-based, gluten free, sugar free and is completely free of synthetic fillers and additives. And if you’re not sure then why not try it before you buy it? Find out why our Joint Renew formula is one of our best-selling products with our free 10-day supply!

On a Mission to Clean Up the Vitamin Industry

At Revivify, we traveled the world to find the cleanest, unmodified ingredients and developed a truly natural line of vitamins and supplements. Revivify is the only supplement in the market that brings all of these benefits in one: GMO free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan and all natural with zero synthetic fillers or additives. We stand on the promise that vitamins should be pure and have proven that nature’s purest elements are the path to great health.

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