Are your Joints Weather Sensitive? Try These Natural Remedies.

The cold and winter season can affect your joints. Some people are what we call “weather sensitive” and joints are more stiff and achy during winter days. According to a study, individuals suffering from osteoarthritis, 469 out of 712 respondents affirmed that the cold weather makes their joints ache.  Another article published in the European Federation of International Association for the Study of Pain found similar results. A total of nine studies were conducted to test the correlation between weather and pain in rheumatoid arthritis. The results indicated that the majority of individuals suffering from this condition are affected by weather changes.

Take a few minutes to read our tips below and get familiar with natural remedies that can make a difference in your aching joints.

Follow these natural ways to relieve joint pain and improve overall joint health:

  • Add layers & hand warmers. When it is cold outside, add extra layers to keep your aching hands warm. You can add layers of gloves on your hands and leggings over your knees. It is important to stay warm at all times. Hand warmers inside your gloves are also a great way to protect the small joints in your hand.


  • Drink more water. Hydrate yourself because according an issue of Experimental Physiology published on September 2015, mild dehydration make you more sensitive to pain and can affect your joints.


  • A natural herbal supplement can alleviate joint pain and help avoid further damage. Supplements containing glucosamine can make a big difference when it comes to pain relief. However, when making a choice, make sure you read the label and understand what other fillers and additives are inside your pills. Revivify’s Joint Renew contains natural ingredients to reduce joint pains and protects your cartilage. Supplements rich in Glucosamine and Tumeric (antioxidant) can help you keep up with the cold winter.


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  • Shed off the extra pounds. When you lose weight, your arthritis will improve in cold weather. According to The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), knee osteoarthritis is heightened by weight gain and obesity. Start an active lifestyle and watch for your diet. You will see great improvement.


  • Exercise and stay active. It’s hard to go when it is piercing cold outside, but it is important to still stay active despite the weather conditions. You will have better physical function if you move more. So, make an indoor exercise plan. Take a stroll in the mall and avoid the winter chill outside.


  • Vitamin D. If you are vitamin D deficient, you are at risk for osteoporosis. Moreover, your vitamin D level affects your sensitivity to pain. A natural source of vitamin D is the bright sun. Get some sunlight and your body will feel recharged. If the sun is elusive, you can opt to eat vitamin D-rich foods like fortified milk and cereals, Portobello mushrooms, canned tuna, fatty fish, and natural orange juice.


Get a FREE 10-day supply of Joint Renew now and see if it makes a difference for you during cold winters.

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