Women Need Better Sleep for 2018. Find out Why and How!

It’s already the New Year! Is fixing your sleep pattern part of your New Year resolution?

It should be. Why…

Sleep will promptly affect your physical and mental health. Clinical psychologist Michael Breus, PhD, discloses that sleep issues are widespread, especially among women, because levels of sleep-promoting estrogen decrease automatically during menstruation and then permanently in menopause. It does not mean you will be forever sleep deprived just because you are a woman. Feeling exhausted and not having enough sleep should not be considered normal.

Sleep is just like eating. It is a basic biological necessity and it affects every part of your body and your life, Dr. Breus added.

Follow these 5 tips to find the best natural sleep aid solution for you.

  • Stick to a sleep schedule. This is a natural way to induce sleep. You just have to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day. A regular sleep schedule optimizes the quality of your sleep. Do not oversleep on weekends and always stick with your agreed sleep schedule at all times.
  • Try food supplement and natural sleeping aids such as Melatonin, Magnesium, Gaba and L-theanine. Revivify has the right one for you, 100% natural and you can try a 10-day supply for FREE here: https://www.revivifymylife.com/free-10-day-supply/
  • Keep a sleep diary. In this diary, you should write all your worries. List everything down even the littlest details. If you are constantly thinking of something, it will definitely keep you up no matter how sleepy you are. Quiet down your mind and list those to do. Attend those worries in the morning and not before sleeping.
  • Reduce light exposure at night. Avoid bright screens at night. The blue light emitted from your laptop, phone and tablet will disrupt your sleep. Minimize its effects by using a device with a smaller screen or lower the brightness option. Also, say no to late bingeing of your favorite TV show because it can suppress melatonin. Naturally, your brain generates more melatonin at night and as a result, it will make you sleepy.
  • During the day, expose yourself to natural light. Open your curtains and greet the bright sun smiling at you. You can take a sip of your coffee outside or take your dog to the park during the day. Spend more time outside during the day and let the natural light in.
  • Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and soda. Stay away from caffeinated products because caffeine stays in your body for about 8 hours. It will surely wake you up at night when you decide to drink coffee or soda after dinner. Aside from caffeine, nicotine is also a stimulant. When you are trying to sleep, avoid smoking and other tobacco products.


Try food supplements and natural sleeping aids like Sleep Renew. Revivify’s Sleep Renew has sleep-inducing properties including GABA, L-theanine, magnesium, and melatonin. You can even try it for FREE and avail the 10-day supply now. One capsule of Sleep Renew will surely make you sleep like a baby.

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